Edoukou Aka-Ezoua, CD (DTI), CBE (BPBS)

Certified Doula + Childbirth Educator in Philadelphia PA & South Jersey

NJ Medicaid Doula Provider


Only accpeting clients with late December and early January due dates for birth doula services and accepting all dates for postpartum doula services. 

Doula Services in Philadelphia & South Jersey 

Proudly serving Philadelphia & surrounding areas (Philadelphia County, Chester County, Delaware County) and South Jersey (Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County), up to 30 miles from 19143 or 19802 zipcode

Childbirth classes in Wilkes-Barre, PA and Philadelphia,PA

I have always been passionate about making sure people feel supported and cared for in various capacities. As your doula, I aim to provide holistic and comprehensive doula care that acknowledges the physical, mental, social, and spiritual factors that can impact the birth and postpartum journey. I practice from a person centered perspective where your needs, values, agency, and desires are at the forefront. My job is to help you feel supported and cared for in your perinatal journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a doula? And how are they different from midwives? 

Birth doulas are trained professionals who provide emotional, physical, and informational support to expectant parents during the perinatal period. Doulas are often confused with midwives, who are health professionals trained to provide prenatal care and deliver babies in many different settings. Doulas do not deliver babies! Rather, they help prepare pregnant people and their partners for childbirth and provide continuous in person labor support at your preferred birth location (at home, hospital, or birthing center). Birth doulas make a great addition to your birth team and can help you have the birth experience you desire.

A postpartum doula provides support and practical assistance after birth by focusing on the needs of both the new parents and the newborn. The postpartum doula commonly nurtures the family during the first 12 weeks after birth, also known as the fourth trimester. This might look like meal prepping for the week so you don't have to worry about cooking, cleaning/sterilizing bottles, taking care of your baby so you can rest, shower, and/or tend to yourself, helping you troubleshoot infant feeding, basic newborn care assistance, or all of the above!

Are doulas covered by insurance ?

Some insurances cover doula services. Call your insurance provider to see if doula services are covered under your current health plan. In NJ and PA, doula services are covered under Medicaid insurance. Please visit the Doula Services page to learn more about the insurances I accept. 

Do you offer payment plans or services on a sliding scale? 

Yes, I do! Payment plans and sliding scale is available for birth and postpartum doula services. However, a non-refundable retainer equaling 50% of the total service agreement is due at the time of service agreement signing and the remainder will be due before 36 weeks for birth doula services or before our first visit together for postpartum doula services. Please schedule a consultation to get more information on our birth and postpartum availability or to create a package that best fits your family's needs. 

Why should I hire a doula? What are the benefits of a doula? 

Expectant parents hire doulas for many reasons. Parents often hire a doula because they would like the support of a trained birth professional to help them prep for their upcoming births, provide continuous support at their birth location, help them advocate for the birth experience that they want, and provide additional support / care when they bring baby home from the hospital. Research shows that having a doula is associated with a higher likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth, lower rates of C-sections, shorter labors by about 40 minutes on average, and reduced chances of postpartum depression.

Do doulas only support natural births? 

No! Doulas support all type of births! There is a common misconception that doulas are only for birthing people who are trying to have an unmedicated / natual birth. I have supported all types of birth, mediciated & non medicated births, births with low interventions and births with high interventions, inductions, and cesarean births. My approach is to provide non-judgmental and supportive care that aligns with your unique choices for your birth.

Do you work with a back up doula? 

Yes, I do! As soon as you schedule a consultation with me, I am already thinking about who would be my back-up doula. I work with great doulas in the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. Once you book with me, I include the back up in all of our communications, have us all in a group chat to make sure everyone is on the same page, and the back up doula attends at least 1 prenatal meeting so you are able to get to know them. Life happens! So, I want to make sure that you are very comfortable with whoever attends your birth in the rare event I am not able to attend your birth.