Meet the Doula

Hello ! My name is Edoukou (eee doo koo) !

     I am a certified full-spectrum community doula, childbirth educator, peer breastfeeding counselor, and owner of Nurture + Thrive Holistic Doula Care, a community based doula practice that provides perinatal services and support in the Greater Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre, PA and South Jersey areas. I am also a licensed Pennsylvania social worker. I became interested in becoming a doula because I have always been fascinated with the world of birthwork, as I think it is so powerful to be able to bare witness, hold space, and care for someone as they transition into the world of parent/motherhood. As a social worker, I had always been passionate about supporting folks through transformative periods in their lives and providing the resources they need to make it through. So, becoming a doula appeared to me to be the best fit! 

   I came into this work in 2021 after learning more about the ways doulas can help facilitate positive birth + postpartum outcomes, especially for women of color. I believe doula support should be accessible and affordable, thus I offer my services on a sliding scale and take payment plans, work with non-profits that fund doula services, and I am a NJ Medicaid doula provider. I am passionate about providing holistic, compassionate, and evidenced based care and support that acknowledges the educational, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical factors that can impact birth and postpartum experiences. My care might look like guiding you through birth positions and movements during labor, providing emotional support during the perinatal period, helping you develop routines + systems that will help you through the postpartum period, caring for baby so you can sleep, connecting you with resources and providing referrals, teaching you advocacy strategies, doing writing exercises where we sort through your fears or anxieties, or all of the above