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Three Ways Doulas Support Before, During + After Childbirth

Getting you prepared - During prenatal visits, I learn more about your preferences for labor and postpartum and help you create a plan. Through this discussion, I am able to advise you on ways to advocate for your preferences during your prenatal appointments with your provider. For example, if you would like to take a bath or shower during your labor, I'd help your formulate questions that will make sure this preference is honored or confirm if it is realistic (ex. I would like to use water to help manage my pain. What are my chances that I get placed in a room with a bathtub? Under what circumstances would I not be able to get in the shower during labor?). Based on your preferences, I'll also provide brief childbirth education as well. In the second meeting, we'll review different labor positions and coping strategies to try at each stage of labor.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Take a Childbirth Class

Taking a childbirth class is an important investment for expectant parents, providing them with education, support, and confidence as they prepare for the birth of their baby. From building knowledge about the birthing process to learning practical skills for labor and postpartum care, childbirth classes can help empower parents and build confidence for their upcoming births! 

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Labor Positions for Early / Slow Labor - The Miles Circuit

Are you familiar with the Miles Circuit? Developed by doula Meghan Hamilton Miles, this series of positions aims to guide the baby into the optimal position, Left Occiput Anterior, before or during labor. Not only can these positions assist in optimal fetal positioning, but they may also help induce labor naturally or aid in progressing labor if it has stalled or slowed down.

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