Three Ways Doulas Support Before, During + After Childbirth

Published on 29 May 2024 at 09:00

Getting you prepared - During prenatal visits, I learn more about your preferences for labor and postpartum and help you create a plan. Through this discussion, I am able to advise you on ways to advocate for your preferences during your prenatal appointments with your provider. For example, if you would like to take a bath or shower during your labor, I'd help your formulate questions that will make sure this preference is honored or confirm if it is realistic (ex. I would like to use water to help manage my pain. What are my chances that I get placed in a room with a bathtub? Under what circumstances would I not be able to get in the shower during labor?). Based on your preferences, I'll also provide brief childbirth education as well. In the second meeting, we'll review different labor positions and coping strategies to try at each stage of labor.


Continuous in person labor support - I provide continuous support during labor and delivery once you are in active labor and/or at your birth location. This continuous support might include providing comfort measures, encouraging you to move, suggesting labor positions to help progress labor, implementing mindfulness techniques, playing music, initiating prayers, saying affirmations, and providing your partner with ideas on how to support you. Establishing a positive environment + rapport with staff and providing information for informed decision-making are also key aspects of support.


The Fourth Trimester - During the postpartum period, I can offer support with infant feeding, referrals to resources, emotional and physical healing, routine development, and troubleshooting common challenges that often occur during this time. I often like to check in with my clients to ensure their transition is going well! 


Here's what one client had to say about the doula support they recently recieved. It provides a very clear idea of how I can support you through the perinatal period:

"This being our first child, I wanted to look into having a doula present at the birth from the start. The idea of someone being there to advocate for my needs, and to enable my husband to focus solely on my comfort during labor, was huge for us. Edoukou went above and beyond before the birth of our child to educate and empower us both - she provided us with exercises to enact during each stage of labor, what to be on the lookout for during early labor, and made it clear that should we need her postpartum, she would be there to provide whatever level of support we needed. During my early labor, it was so reassuring for my husband to check in with her. Once we were at the hospital and I was in the throes of contractions, Edoukou made me feel comfortable, helped me focus on my breathing, and helped me switch positions during the hours-long process. She was just hands on enough, and communicated with us every step of the way. I truly believe that, had she not been there, I would've needed additional medical interventions to move along the birth, and my healing & recovery would have been a longer process. Post-partum, Edoukou checked in with us to make sure all was well and to provide encouragement. Her kindness, resourcefulness, and support made her such an integral part of our village to bring our child into this world, and we will always be grateful to her!"

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